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Lord, Preserve Us

Life is a funny thing.  Depending on your outlook, it can either be the greatest treasure or the worst source of suffering.

Lately, I’ve been pondering verses that were significant during our adoption transfer to India.  You might remember my recent obsession with the biblical account of Joseph’s life.  His story crescendos when he, famed authority over Egypt’s resource & food conservation, reveals his identity to an audience seeking famine aid.  These disadvantaged folks also happened to be the brothers who sold Joe into slavery years before.  Oops, their bad.  Lucky for them, Jehovah grew Joseph THROUGH adversity, leading him to make this declaration in Genesis 50:20, “..You meant to harm me, but God intended it for a good purpose, so He could preserve the lives of many people.”  Spiritual bodyslam!

Then, my friend Ali custom-made the above artwork for us.  Gorgeous!  (Let it be known that she has 3 small children at home!!  Extra points for her finding time to do anything!)  We s…

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