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2017: The School of Hard Knocks

9 out of 10 people agree, it’s been a rough 365 days.  (In 2017 fashion, I totally made that fact up.)  Not many of us are going to look back on this year with nostalgic love or cute scrapbook-y memories.

Well, maybe it’s just me.

About this time in 2016, I was having an emotional breakdown.  Our first foster placement, through no fault of her stubborn, sassy self, hit every deep-seated, very personal trigger of mine.  It was threat level midnight at our house.  So, we connected her with a better suited family.  That choice -though it WAS the right one for all involved- made me feel like such a failure.  Even afterwards, guilt continued to stomp my heart into a bloody mess.  Then stuff started getting real in Ethiopia.  And by “real,” I mean REAL bad.  In May, the country suspended international adoptions.  Good thing I’d already discovered Zoloft because this was our worst nightmare come true.  Those 4 excruciating years we spent on hold for our African daughter, gone in an instant.  T…

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