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The Process, NOT the Product

Here’s the thing about Americans: We like results.  Quickly. Hence, the rise of microwave and the fall of any potential “cooking” career for Laura.  “Before” and “After” pics -whether they be people, projects, or even doggie haircuts- are mesmerizing.  A good success story = Cinematic gold. But watching the struggle to arrive at the “after” is less appealing.  Because, in the moment, you can’t tell if the outcome will be failure or triumph.

One of the most difficult things about being a Jesus follower is pretty much the whole “following” part.  Obedience. Surrendering your ego in the pursuit of a cause more significant and worthy than human desires.  Attempting to shed our pride daily, in favor of humility and kindness, isn’t exactly the most easy or natural task.  I, for one, suck at it. But THIS is what God asks of those who believe in Him.

And the Bible is chock-full of feats of obedience.  Like advanced-level stuff: Abraham’s divine directive to sacrifice Isaac, his ONLY son thr…

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