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Double Digits

Dear Elijah, My baby, you are 10.  I.Cannot.Believe.It.  I still remember when you were in my tummy, waking me up every night with your persistent hiccups.  I remember getting to the hospital and the nurse saying I couldn’t have pain medicine because you were coming too fast.  And I remember holding you in my arms for the first time and thinking, “What the heck do we do now?”

Well, you made it this far.  Mostly by the grace of God and not necessarily Daddy’s or my parental efforts.  Nevertheless, we are incredibly proud of you, proud of our little boy who has grown into a thoughtful young man.  Proud of your inquisitive mind, sensitive heart, and generous spirit.  (However, your cheesy puns and bad “Dad” jokes I could live without!)

You love reading and Legos and learning facts and playing games.  (Particularly rummy-You're on a BIG rummy kick.  Grandma Bare would be so pleased!)  We especially enjoy watching you get excited about new things.  When you started trombone this past year…

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