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Love Never Fails?

At a certain age, you come to recognize that failure is simply woven into the fabric of life.  We see it, experience it- Up close and at a distance.  Personally and within the community around us.  Thank God we don’t have to deal with those Olympic announcers commentating our everyday mistakes: “So Laura, that storytime didn’t go well.  You’ve been a librarian for many years now, can you explain what went wrong?”

But the Bible, this book I believe to be TRUTH (Notice the capital “T”), says in 1 Corinthians 13:8a that “Love never fails.”  Love.Never.Fails.  Hmmmmmm.  (Imagine me pensively stroking my chin.)  Because divorce.  Broken friendships.  Unrealized hopes or expectations.  Prodigal children.  Just an abbreviated list of instances where it seems love totes failed.

My pastor recently spoke about this 1 Corinthians passage.  And he said something I’ve heard before, but it resonated differently this time.  The love in these verses isn’t heart-eyes emoji love.  It’s not my love of con…

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